Custom Metal Pin Badges

Custom metal pin badges are a great promotional gift. They are cheap to manufacture and last a long time. All you need to do is come up with a badge design and get a manufacturer to mass-produce it for you. You can create different types of badges, be it name tags, car, birthday, or event badges.

Leading manufacturers can make custom badges in different sizes and shapes. In this guide, we share tips on why you should use custom-made metal pin badges to promote your business.

They Are Durable

Paper business cards or name cards are not durable and will probably wear out after a couple of weeks. Custom metal pin badges last longer and some people love saving them for memories. The good thing is that clients will remember your brand as long as they have the badges or lapels. As such, they will probably hit you up later on whenever they need your services or goods.

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Promotional metal pin badges are a better option compared to paper business cards. Customers who like collecting custom pins will surely hold onto your badge for a long time.

You Can Create Special Pins

Are you having a special event or grand opening for your brand? Well, you can get some custom Rocket Badge metal pin badges. Most people like free custom branded swag whenever they attend events or promotional gigs.

You can give out a limited edition of the custom pins to the attendees. Better yet, you can have the badges customized with the attendee’s name. In the future, once your brand gains traction, these pins will be more of a collector’s item.

Metal Pin Badges Are Affordable

Marketing and creating brand awareness can be quite expensive, especially when you’re using print or social media. However, you can promote your brand for free using these pin badges. You can have the metal pins customized with your brand’s colors and logo.

Budges are cheap to make compared to other custom promotional products such as bags or t-shirts. The best thing about metal pin badges is that they can be worn anywhere, which adds more variety to your marketing campaign.

Have Different Designs

You can make different metal pin badge designs to match different events or for specific genders. For example, you can have custom badges with the name, position, and years of experience of an employee. You can also add a catchy name tag for every employee to add more swag.

You can also create memorable pins for your most esteemed clients to show your appreciation. These customized metal pin badges will create amazing experiences and can be collectible, especially if it is a limited-edition badge.

Wrapping Up

Promotional items are an excellent and cost-effective way to market your brand. These custom pin badges are durable and cheap, which makes them a great promotional item. They are also durable, meaning that clients can keep them for a long time. You can ask your clients to send in custom messages they would like printed on their badges.

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