How to place bets on football matches and earn a tidy sum

Betting on football is one of the most sought-after and popular events for a betting connoisseur. It’s not a matter of surprise because a vast array of diverse matches are played every day, and there are several dozens of high-level soccer tournaments. Herein is how to place bets on football matches and earn a tidy sum.

The player now has all the necessary data to analyze the football game, as the Internet is publicly available a lot of information that will allow you to make a correct prediction on the match. Nevertheless, most players face a taste of defeat — and the loss does not depend on how well the player knows the team and how long he watches the championship. It is all about the wrong approach to predicting games. Let’s try to figure out what factors and criteria should be considered when predicting the game.

After knowing all the nuances of football betting, you can step up to the plate and make bold predictions. Take a close look at Bet winner, it’s one of the most legit and client-oriented bookmakers in the betting business. Feel free to compose a thumb-nail sketch of this bookmaker, introduce yourself to the most up-to-date football events, and place your first bet according to your senses. Once you have selected the match to play, you can start predicting.

First, you need to pick a suitable event in the line. Try not to bet on the top matches, as bookmakers make the fewest mistakes. If the choice is between the EPL game and the Second Bundesliga game, it is better to predict the Bundesliga 2 game. Bookmakers give decent odds for this tournament, and the volume of bets on it is many times less than on the UPL, so betting shops are not as anxious about the line odds and do not always notice in time any factors that change the chances of teams to win.

Key factors to rely on:

1. Location of the meeting

First of all, make sure that the home team is playing at the home stadium. Playing on a neutral field changes the teams’ chances somewhat, and such games happen from time to time for several reasons (stadium uncertified, punishment of the team, the bad lawn at the stadium, etc.). It is also worth finding out if any sanctions are imposed on the club. If even the stadium is home, but the match will be played without spectators, the probability of the home team winning will fall.

2. The officiating team

There are resources with referee statistics, where you can find out how often the referee gives penalties, yellow or red cards. Also, if you dig around, you can find out how the referee has officiated your teams in previous meetings. A referee is an ordinary person who may have his likes and dislikes.

3. Weather Conditions

Poor weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, heat) almost always play into the hands of the underdog. If you are analyzing a game that will take place in the next 1-2 days, you should look at the weather forecast for the time of the match.

4. Support of the fans

Evaluate the average attendance at the stadium and see how the fans support their team. The home stadium is always a plus for the team, but it is much better if it has a large army of fans who will cheer the players on throughout the game.

It is always important to know what mood the players and coaches are in, what reshuffles are going on in the club, etc.

5. Stats

Many people think that statistics only mislead bettors, but you can’t do away with them completely when predicting either. It is also important to consider not the overall performance of the team, such as the average number of goals per game, but the performance of individual games. For example, a team can score 5 goals in one game, then score a goal in three games. According to statistics, it scores an average of 2 goals per game download betwinner, but in reality, the individual total of more than 2 went only in one game.

Usually, teams’ last 5-7 games are taken into account, but you also have to look at the level of their opponents.

6. Motivation

Although team coaches often state that every single game is important, in reality, it is not. A team can sacrifice the result in a minor championship game to come out fresh for the Eurocup game. It is also worth bearing in mind that the motivation will be greater for the team that claims the championship in the last rounds than for the team that has lost the theoretical chance of making it to the European competitions.

7. Coaches of teams

The personality of the coach is one of the components of the success of the team. Often after a football game, you can hear the opinion that it’s a coach’s victory. This means that the teams are generally the same, but the right setting for the game and the right substitutions of the coach allowed to win.

8, Team lineups

Occasionally, big-name clubs lose in the early stages of cup competitions. These defeats are always a sensation, but if you look at the protocols of the games, everything falls into place, as the favorites often produce a half reserve squad. When analyzing, make sure that the teams will perform with their optimal lineup. If teams have key players in the infirmary, it is worth reconsidering your views on their chances.


All of these factors need to be taken into account, but it is necessary to be guided by each specific match. On one team, the coach’s role is 10% of the club’s success, and on another 25%. It’s the same for all other team evaluation criteria.


How to place football bets and win?

You need to be aware of major football leagues, watch and analyze your favorite clubs’ statistics, and stay cold-blooded while betting.

Is it difficult to win on the bets?

Yes, it’s no picnic at all. Don’t make false assumptions that can lead you to losing your entire bank. Play smart.


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